Friday, February 14, 2020

JavaScript Comments

JavaScript Comments

Like other programming languages, we can also provide comments in JavaScript. The commented code or text will not be executed. Comments are generally used to make the code readable and understandable to the developers revisiting the code. We can provide single-line comments and Multi-line comments in JavaScript.

Single-Line Comments in JavaScript

Single-Line comments are started with double slashes (//) and there is no need for anything at the end of the single-line comment. 

//This is a Single-Line Comment.
document.write(''Welcome to JavaScript");

Multi-Line Comments in JavaScript

Multi-Line Comments are used to comment on multiple lines of text or code to avoid execution. Multi-Line Comments are enclosed within (/* and */). Multi-Line Comments are generally used for formal documentation of the code.

/* This is Comment-1.
    This is Comment-2.
    This is Comment-3.
document.write(''Welcome to JavaScript");


    <title>Comments Demo</title>
  <BODY bgcolor='yellow'>
    //Single-Line Comment
    for(var i=0;i<2;i++)
      document.write('Welcome To JavaScript<br>');
    Multi-line Comment
    There can be multiple line commented within multi line comments