Tuesday, December 31, 2019


What is Android?


Android is an open-source operating system and was developed for portable mobile devices having a limited battery. Power Management is the core issue to develop operating systems for such devices. Android uses a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source software.

Defining Android

Definition of Android can be summarized with the following three points
  • An open-source operating system
  • A software stack having libraries, classes and other resources to develop applications (APPs), capable of running on devices installed with Android OS.
  • Devices, installed with the Android operating system.

Recently, Android became the leading operating system worldwide, as Android becomes the world's most popular operating system for getting online. Android is installed on more than 40% of computing devices all over the world now.

Android OS is composed of different layers(Android Software Stack). Each layer has several programs, APIs, Libraries and classes. Each Layer is responsible to provide some services and interfaces to the layer just above it.

Devices can be Mobile phones/Tablets, Wearable devices (Wristwatches), Auto (Automobile navigation and infotainment systems), and smart televisions.